Our Services

  1. As an agribusiness consultancy firm, we are part of a vast landscape of firms specialising in agribusiness, offering services related to post-harvest management. Notably, we boast multidisciplinary teams with expertise spanning various aspects of agriculture, including post-harvest handling, storage, transportation, and market linkages.

  2. Our expertise lies in food processing and preservation consultancy. We provide valuable insights into post-harvest handling techniques, food safety measures, and processing technologies aimed at extending the shelf life of agricultural products.

  3. We, as an organisation, contribute to global efforts to enhance post-harvest practices by offering consultancy services and technical assistance.

  4. In collaboration with numerous research institutions and universities, we leverage their departments or centres dedicated to agricultural research and extension services. This partnership greatly enriches our consultancy services, allowing us to offer comprehensive support to farmers, agribusinesses, and government agencies in various aspects of post-harvest management.

  5. Our team of specialised consultants, with backgrounds in agricultural engineering, food science, or supply chain management, provides tailored advice and solutions to address specific post-harvest challenges faced by our clients.

  6. GThrough strategic partnerships with government agencies responsible for agriculture and rural development, we provide consultancy services and technical support, including assistance with post-harvest management practices.

  7. As an organisation committed to agricultural development, we work closely with NGOs focusing on this area. Together, we offer consultancy services to smallholder farmers and rural communities, providing training and capacity building in post-harvest management techniques.