Our Membership

5 Memberships

We offer 5 levels of membership to reflect your current status in the field of farming, food engineering and biotechnology

Student membership: For students following courses in scientific, engineering, agricultural engineering or other relevant technical subjects in Nigeria. Student members are not asked to pay a membership fee, however, will be transferred after course completion automatically to a full membership. Student members can request free 1:1 coaching with a professional in the field. Further, student members will get discounted rates for upcoming events of PRFBS or one of our partners.

Affiliate membership (AffPRFBS): For people being engaged in the field of farming, food engineering or biotechnology, however, do not hold a formal degree.
annual fee: XXX ₦

Associate membership (AssPRFBS): For people having at least 3 years of relevant training and experience.
annual fee: XXX ₦

Full membership (MPRFBS): For people having at least 5 years of relevant training and experience and being established in their field. Full members have voting rights in the AGM.
annual fee: XXX ₦

Fellowship (FPRFBS): The highest level of membership that is only awarded to those that have done significant contributions to their field throughout their career or have created a lasting impact to the profession.
annual fee: XXX ₦

Honorary membership of any level are presented by the executive board of the Society and are lifetime. Honorary members and fellows are freed from fees and are individuals with highest honours or recognition in their field.

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