Post-Harvest Research

& Food Biotechnology Society of Nigeria



Welcome to the Post-Harvest Research and Food Biotechnology Society of Nigeria

I am Dr Charles O Adetunji, the first president and founder of the Society.

Our goal is to offer a home for the more than 12M farmers in Nigeria and link them to the academic elite of the country as well as building business relationships with post-harvest food handlers.

Our country is blessed with natural resources, but wealth and knowledge is distributed unevenly. To move our country to a leading nation in Africa we must be able to feed our fellow people with secure, safe and healthy food.

This will require educational efforts to work with farmers and carry out joint research to break up the current silo mentality. We offer different membership grades, specifically being designed to be affordable for farmers, too.

We also have close tied with leading national institutions, such as Edo University. We operate under government approval and have also a independent international advisory board in place.

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